Dr. Wrightnour has a practice philosophy when it comes to contact lenses:  You need to see well, enjoy great comfort, and have a healthy fit.

Most people can wear contacts, but not everyone can wear them for extended periods of time.  When you come in for a contact lens evaluation, Dr Wrightnour will ask you a lot of questions about your your contact lens goals, general health, lifestyle, and other questions having to do with your hobbies and work.  Then she will evaluate your tear film, corneal regularity and curvature and evert your lids to know what to expect with lid/lens interaction.  Once she has evaluated all of this, then Dr. Wrightnour will prescribe the best lens system for you and your eyes.  

Dr. Wrightnour usually begins fitting patients into contact lenses at about age 12, if the patient is mature enough to take responsible care of their contact lenses.  And she has even done a first-time fit for one patient in her 80s--and they were so happy to be able to see without glasses and were very successful!  If you are interested in finding out if you can wear contacts, then we can schedule a contact lens evaluation in conjunction with your annual eye exam (or up to six months after your exam, if needed).  Just request a "contact lens evaluation" when you call to schedule your exam (440-992-9416).

If you are new to contact lenses, our experienced team will take plenty of time to train you to insert and remove your lenses as well as teach you how to clean, disinfect and store your lenses.  (If a daily disposable lens is the best option for you, then you can forego the cleaning and disinfection!)  A fit for a patient new to contact lenses includes all follow-up care for three months-but it usually doesn't take that long!  Great vision, comfort and eye health are the way we take the very best care of our contact lens patients!

Dr. Wrightnour was wonderful with my daughter! She made her feel comfortable and allowed for her first eye experience/exam to be relaxing and fun. She is definitely very educated and knowledgeable in her field and came highly recommemeded.
— C.K.